Grace Church Zambia Bible Conference Day 1

Today is the beginning of the Bible Conference. After an opening session with worship led by Eric Mango and a devotional from Jim Moore, we ran four parallel sessions with a lunch break. You can check the content of each series on the tabs above. There are about sixty-five pastors from Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Congo.

Here are some highlights from three of our teachers:

Robert Nix is teaching five sessions on dispensational theology. Robert says “I had a wonderful opportunity to share three sessions today. We looked at Prophecy and Mystery, The Distinct Apostleship of Paul and what it looks like to follow Paul in this dispensation. I was extremely impressed by the African pastors and their questions. Many of them knew what the issues were and were able to relate well with what was being discussed. I find it interesting that there is real concern with the importance of the grace message and building up believers in the faith.”

Dr. Robert Nix

Dr. Robert Nix

Cliff Tulsie is teaching five sessions on Christian Counselling. He says “It was a real joy and privilege to share today with the pastors and church leaders about how to develop a theology to do Christian counseling. They were very engaging and receptive and shared how this topic and skill was highly needed in their ministry. We talked about how “good theology makes for good psychology” and how the Scriptures are able to address all the issues that counseling deals with. It is so fulfilling to see their heart for ministry and the people that they serve. Please continue to pray that we are effective and that these spiritual leaders can see the true value and relevance of what we are teaching.”

Pastor Cliff Tulsie

Pastor Cliff Tulsie

Russ Kopp is focusing on Discipleship. “Like the United States, Discipleship has a strong interest in the Churches in Africa.  In the first session, I asked the group of Pastors, Elders and Leaders, “Do you have a plan for Discipleship?” And, the answer was no.  Similar to the United States, the term “discipleship” is a common and recognizable word, we just seemingly don’t know what a comprehensive plan looks like.  In the next few days, I hope to facilitate foundational principles of discipleship that will help these men and women go back to their churches with new energy and commitment toward living forward in Christ.”

Russ Kopp

Russ Kopp

We will continue early tomorrow with another four parallel sessions (twelve sessions in all). Please continue to pray for the pastors, elders and church leaders as we continue this important training.



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